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Prima Ballerina


Here is the cutest ballerina I could find! She just started her first ballet class and loved it! She was willing to show off some moves that she learned and let me pose her as I wished. It's funny to see her take my direction since she sits in on all of my sessions and hears me telling others how to pose. She is great behind and in front of the camera. Her bother did mention that I took a lot of poses of her... I think that was a hint he wants his session soon too. I took so many poses because I wanted to make sure I had a few decent ones but then it came to where I loved them all and had a hard time narrowing it down to just a few. For example, I had two similar poses that looked great in black and white and in color. Could not choose so now I have 4 I love just like that! Here are a few of my favorites even though I had about 40 good ones. Everyone always has the same trouble choosing their portraits when coming into my studio and boy do I know what they are going through!



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