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Weclome !

Just would like everyone for stopping by to take a look around. My passion is is creating art for my clients that you can share for a lifetime. Most of us own cameras that take great pictures but think about how much greater they will look if you step out from behind that camera and join the fun? Self timers can only go so far and the photos always looked staged. Going to a professional will allow you to join in the memories and not be worried about a thing other then having fun.

I have had this passion for a very long time. My sister who shall remain nameless (otherwise she will want royalties, lol) said I should credit my love of photography to her since she was always taking pictures of me as a child. Maybe if I had turned out to be a model then yes, but since I work behind the camera, I don't know if that counts. I started taking classes in highschool and since have been the family photographer. I love creating memories and seeing reactions when the final prints are delivered! Priceless!

I hope I can bring you some interesting tips and stories along the way! Please feel free to comment with suggestions or tips of your own!

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