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The Experience-

There are many photographers to choose from, and I feel that my 20 years of photography experience, along with great people skills and extensive photo editing knowledge with attention to detail sets me apart from all the others. I have worked many weddings and events, so when you have me by your side, I can help direct you when needed. Don’t know what side the corsage goes on? Need help tying a tie? Bustling a dress? I’ve been there, done that! You could say I picked up a few new skills along the way.

Here is what you get if you book with my studio.

1. The initial contact.

     By email, text or phone, I love to speak to all of my potential clients to get an idea if I am a good fit for your vision. If everything sounds good we go to step 2.

2. In person consultation.

     Here we put together a session plan, where to shoot, what to wear, what props will we use and what kind of mood you want to capture. Everyone has different styles and to make sure I can capture it perfectly, I spend time with each client to make sure we share the same vision. Remember, I am here to document your story, and want it to be perfect. Here is where you pick out your heirloom keepsakes for your home. Wall art in canvas or metal, albums and wooden keepsake sliders. Take a picture of places in your home where you want to display your art and I can help you decide what would work best for you and your family. This is also the booking stage where we book your special day, sessions are paid for and contracts are signed.

3. Portrait day!

     Next comes the session day and this is where the fun really begins. We head out on location or you can come in to my home studio. Arrive a few minutes early because of all of San Antonio's crazy traffic. If your session is outdoors, we want to take advantage of all of the beautiful light before it is gone. Here is were we capture the moments you and your family will cherish for generations. Smaller Sessions can range anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Events are of course, longer. Most of the best portraits are capturing the moment the way it happens. Yes, I do get posed, looking at the camera and smiling photos, but believe that what happens naturally when you are not looking at the camera captures the real emotion of the day.

4. Editing.

     Here, your images go through a rigorous editing process. Details are looked over with a magnifying glass, literally! Here is where I can get your images looking their absolute best. Most sessions are ready in about a week. Color corrections, image brightness, cropping and special edits are done to make sure the images are up to the very best that they can be.

5. Ordering session.

     This is what you have all been waiting for! Come in to see your images on the big screen! Watch as your images are played to music and see all the details of your big day that you may have missed. You are able to choose what images you want for your wall art, albums and gift prints.

6. Ordering and delivery.

Once your order is placed, I review the images that you ordered and do final corrections and edits. Once this is done, I send out you images to my professional lab for printing. Most prints take about a week, where as wall art, and albums take about 3-4 week and will be ready for pickup. When you come in, all of your items are wrapped, so it feels just like Christmas!

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